Ice factories

Two ice factories can be found at the Port of Hirtshals. They produce ice for the fishing sector and the processing industry. The ice factories are directed to different customers and at the same time they supplement each other, which ensures a security of supply at the Port of Hirtshals.

The largest ice factory at the port is owned and runned by Fiskernes Fiskesortering and makes up and integrated part of Fish Terminal Hirtshals. The ice factory is designed to deliver ice to a wide segment of users of ice and the factory can therefore deliver ice to both fishing vessels and cars. Furthermore, it is also possible to get ice in basins.

One of the ice factories at the port

The ice factory produces plate ice and is operated by card, which makes the delivery of ice simple and efficient. Settlement of accounts is done automatically by invoice.

OnThe other ice factory - Hirtshals new ice factory - is situated on the inner part of Industrikajen at East Basin 1 and is runned by Rygaard. The ice factory is based on delivery of ice for lorries that transport mackerel, herring and trash fish. The ice factory also delivers ice for use in the processing industry and can in the event of supply problems from the other ice factory also supply fishing vessels with ice.

The ice factory produce flake is and has is automatically operated, which makes the collection of ice efficient and simple, just as the settlement of accounts is done by invoice.