BIP Centre

The veterinary control of food imported into the EU from third countries is done at the Border Inspection Point (BIP).

The veterinary control in the BIP centre is always operational and will be manned as needed. The manning depends on the amount of goods relevant for control.

The BIP centre facilities consist of 448 square metres of office and laboratory facilities as well as reception area and a permanent cold store of 56 square metres. The BIP centre has two reception ramps which allows handling of both cargo and containers at the same time.

The capacity of the main BIP centre can be adjusted to meet the needed requirements. The cold store can be extended by 1,864 square metres if required. The centre can also be extended by two additional reception ramps.
The main BIP centre at the Port of Hirtshals is located on Sildekajen in East Basin 2 adjoining one of the Claus Sørensen Group's cold stores.

The water depth at East Basin 2 by the BIP centre is 10.7 meters, which makes it possible to unload food from third countries directly to the BIP centre and the cold stores.

In addition to unloading directly at the two BIP centres, it is possible to unload food from third countries at the Trailerkajen. The goods must be transported to the BIP centres in sealed refrigeration lorries. Vessels with a draught of up to 8.0 meters can unload at the Trailer Quay.

Payment for use of the veterinary border inspection point is made directly to the Port of Hirtshals in connection with the usual settlement of vessel and goods charges, etc. Costs in connection with the control itself are settled directly with the veterinary authorities.