26 April 2018
According to the Port of Hirtshals, the answer is yes. At the same time, the director of the port Jens Kirketerp Jensen also acknowledges that it is a big task to make cargo owners and transporters contemplate if there is a better alternative to their current transport solution.


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04 April 2018
For the 8th year in a row, the Port of Hirtshals set a record in turnover with a total turnover of 77.5m DKK. In addition to this new record, the port reached an overall result of 11.2m DKK.


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21 February 2018
The Port of Hirtshals focuses heavily on advising and inspiring transporters and cargo owners to think of cargo transport as a whole. This includes considering whether the most optimal transport solution might involve different forms of transportation. This will all be for the benefit of the companies' finances, flexibility, their green accounting, but also for the benefit of society as a whole.


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Webcams & movies

The Port of Hirtshals would like to give all interested parties an insight into the life and activities at and around the port.

Follow the activities via our web cams

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The port's positions

The Port of Hirtshals works constantly on improving the conditions for the Danish ports and the industries that depend on the ports. This is why the Port of Hirtshals participates in the public dialogue about topics that are relevant in order to secure the commercial possibilities as well as topics to ensure that Denmark will have an even stronger position in relation to international competition.

In the following, the Port of Hirtshals will present the topics which the port is currently focusing on in order to give the ports the best possible opportunities to contribute to growth.

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Terms and conditions

The Port of Hirtshals is home to a range of different commercial activities. It is important for all who cooperate with the port, to know the conditions that underlie the use of the port´s facilities and the disclaimer cited by the port. The Port of Hirtshals´ terms and conditions, and disclaimer can be found here.

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Notification forms

It is possible for vessels that call at Port of Hirtshals to fill out an report forms online on this website, and afterward send it directly to the port.

Report of vessels' disposal of waste at Port of Hirtshals
Report of insufficient facilities


let's create new
blue oceans!
Being a North European hub, the Port of Hirtshals aims to influence the future business development.

By pushing boundaries, we can together create new and better business opportunities - new blue oceans.