Preliminary studies for a possible port expansion have now been launched

Although it may not seem like much when you look beyond the piers, the preliminary studies for the Port of Hirtshals' upcoming port expansion have begun. To start with, this consists of different studies of water and bottom conditions outside the current pier constructions. The result of these studies is to form the basis for the planning of the project.

At the end of the year 2021, a bearing of the seabed, where the port expansion is intended, was conducted. This survey should determine the level of dredging and backfilling quantities and support the further authority work. Bearing is also done to find the right sand balance.

Some of the studies also include a height leveling to determine the height of the existing breakwaters and pier heads, this was done in November with a drone. The survey should form the basis for the planned port expansion and will be used in connection with further authority work and to determine connection datums and to calculate e.g. the current amount of rocks, which can be included in new breakwaters.
Currently, a jack-up is doing geotechnical investigations right outside the Port of Hirtshals. This includes boreholes to determine the bottom conditions and carry out environmental tests. Depending on the wind and weather, these studies will last 3-4 weeks.

- When the results of all these studies are ready and have been processed, the actual project design of the future port expansion can begin. At the same time, Hjørring Municipality is in the process of preparing a publicity process, which we look forward to being a part of, concludes Per Holm Nørgaard, CEO of the Port of Hirtshals.