New logo signals progress:
Ambitious future plans cause Port of Hirtshals to change its visual identity

The Port of Hirtshals will have new activities and will increasingly cooperate with foreign companies in the future. Therefore, the port has now got a new logo as part of the company's new visual identity. The name "Port of Hirtshals" plays a prominent role here, but at the same time the North Jutland port holds on to its roots.

Port of Hirtshals is already the focal point for a number of activities that extend far beyond traditional port operations. At the same time, the number of international partners has increased strongly over recent years - a development which is expected to increase further in the coming years.

This is the reason why you will now see signs with the new logo at the port in Hirtshals and other places where the port communicates with the outside world. The Port of Hirtshals has been given a new visual identity that signal the course hat the port has set out. The new visual identity signals that in the future the port will embrace broadly much more than before.

- Our future plans mean that we would like to signal to the outside world, that we have undergone a development from dealing with traditional port operations to offering an industrial platform where the port is the focal point, says CEO Per Holm Nørgaard from Port of Hirtshals.

Per Holm Nørgaard next to Port of Hirtshals' new logo.
Per Holm Nørgaard next to Port of Hirtshals' new logo.

The new logo represents four ships pointing towards Hirtshals to show that the port must be a meeting point for a number of activities - both new and old. The logo is true to the port's history as a port with a focus on fishing and fish processing, maritime service as well as passenger and freight transport, but it also point forward - symbolized by the green ship that is on its way forward and signals sustainability.

- Our new logo signals the momentum we have at the Port of Hirtshals, and I am convinced that our plans to improve the conditions for existing companies and the future cooperation with actors in the field of green energy will be of great benefit to both Hirtshals, Hjørring Municipality and the entire region - for example in the form of more jobs at the port, explains Per Holm Nørgaard.

Due to an increase in the new activities and increased international cooperation, i.e. due to the upcoming port expansion, "Hirtshals Havn" will now use Port of Hirtshals as a supporting part of its logo. It is much easier for non-Danish speakers to say "Port of Hirtshals" rather than "Hirtshals Havn", and they immediately understand that it is port when they hear the name.

- Port of Hirtshals has long been part of the port's previous logo, but now that part of the name is emphasized further. In Denmark however, the port will still be called Hirtshals Havn, as we must never forget where we come from, says Per Holm Nørgaard.

The old letters at the port building were taken down in order to make room for the new sign.
The old letters at the port building were taken down in order to make room for the new sign.

The port expansion, which is expected to be completed in 2027, will improve the framework for the companies that are already at the port, and will also create an attractive area for both Danish and foreign companies that are at the front line of the green transition. In addition, the port is improving conditions by, among other things, creating a new entrance and an outer port basin, which makes it possible for larger ships to call at the port in Hirtshals. The loading and unloading options will also be improved with more quay meters, while it will also be easier for ships to maneuver in the port, and larger staging and business areas will be established.

Overall, the many improvements should make it even more attractive to use the Port of Hirtshals for shipping companies and the entire transport sector as well as for companies in other industries.

- The port expansion will be an advantage for both the business that already exist at the port today, as well as the companies we want to attract in the coming years. With the port expansion, the companies will have significantly better facilities, and this is a great advantage, regardless of whether the companies are engaged in fishing, transport of goods and passengers or green conversion, says Per Holm Nørgaard.