Issue of toll documents in Hirtshals gives companies more flexibility

It has become easier for truck drivers to get the toll document ATA Carnet on their way to the ferry because now, the document can be retrieved at Hirtshals Transport Center by the Port of Hirtshals. This means that the truck drivers do not have to go to Aalborg or other big cities to retrieve the document and they can get answers to any questions they might have regarding the document before departing Hirtshals.

Many truck drivers need the toll document, ATA Carnet, when transporting goods into and out of Denmark, and the drivers can be pleased that it has become a lot easier to get the document. This is because Niels Bonde Spedition at Hirtshals Transport Center has entered a collaboration with SMVdanmark regarding the issue of the ATA Carnet at the Port of Hirtshals.

"It gives truck drivers and companies more flexibility that they can now get the ATA Carnet at the Port of Hirtshals so we were happy to help with that when we saw that SMVdanmark were looking for a business partner in Hirtshals. It makes a lot of sense that the drivers can retrieve the document at their point of departure when leaving for Norway or the Faroe Islands, for example. In many cases, it is easier than waiting for the document to arrive in the mail or having to drive all the way to Aalborg to get it. It is also an advantage that they can ask our employees any questions they might have," says Niels Bonde Larsen, Director at Niels Bonde Spedition.

At the Port of Hirtshals, Michael Langballe, Head of Transport and Logistics, is also excited that the new partnership regarding the ATA Carnet will make it easier for the drivers to get the document they need for their trip.
"It is always a good thing when people take initiatives that improve the service for companies and drivers. It must be as easy as possible to transport goods in and out of Denmark - preferably through the Port of Hirtshals. That is why we are pleased that Niels Bonde Spedition and SMVdanmark has entered a partnership regarding the ATA Carnet at the Port of Hirtshals because it increases flexibility. It also makes sense that drivers are able to get toll documents at their port of departure," says Michael Langballe from the Port of Hirtshals.

The ATA Carnet replaces import and export papers, and it also acts as security for toll and duties in countries that are part of the agreement. This means that an ATA Carnet makes it easier for companies and their drivers to cross the border to countries outside the EU when temporarily transporting goods back and forth. An ATA Carnet is typically used in connection with goods for trade shows, professional equipment, samples, and demo goods, and there is a relatively high number of those types of transport from the Port of Hirtshals.
There are many advantages to using the toll document. Companies don't have to pay toll and duties in both transit country and entry country or give securities. They avoid having to deal with different currencies, waiting time, and any unpleasant surprises because, with the ATA Carnet, the cost of the temporary import and export has been paid prior to departure.