CEO looks forward to public meeting and debate on the expansion of the Port of Hirtshals

The expansion of the Port of Hirtshals has moved one step closer following the city council's decision that the Municipality of Hjørring will carry out a pre-debate and host a public meeting on the big port project. CEO Per Holm Nørgaard looks forward to the debate.

Citizens will soon be able to have their voices heard regarding the expansion of the Port of Hirtshals. Wednesday evening, Hjørring's city council decided that the Municipality of Hjørring will carry out a pre-debate lasting four weeks and then host a public meeting about the ambitious project at the end of September. CEO at the Port of Hirtshals, Per Holm Nørgaard considers it an important and very positive step in the right direction that citizens, business owners, stakeholders, and others get the opportunity to be part of the debate.

"We are happy that we have reached the point of having a pre-debate and a public meeting about the port expansion. This means that we are one step closer to the actual expansion which will have a great impact on Hirtshals, the Municipality of Hjørring, and the entire Northern Jutland. I encourage everybody to share their input and engage during the pre-debate as well as during the public meeting because we want a through
and serious debate about the project," says Per Holm Nørgaard.

At the public meeting, he will explain the need to expand the port and the Municipality of Hjørring will share information about the planning process.
The city council has previously visited the Port of Hirtshals, and Per Holm Nørgaard has briefed the politicians on the port's ambitious plans. The city council members have been very interested in hearing about the possibilities that the expansion brings to the port.

"I'm sensing a strong political support for the expansion. If we get the green light from the city council to go ahead with the expansion, it means that the conditions for existing as well as new businesses are improved considerably. We will be able to create a first-class entrance and thereby improve the navigational conditions of the Port of Hirtshals," Per Holm Nørgaard explains.
Expansion strengthens the port
One of the goals of the ambitious plan for the expansion is to strengthen the possibilities of growth and to create more jobs on the port. The expansion includes a new port entrance and an outer port basin which makes it possible for larger vessels to call at port at Hirtshals. Also, loading and unloading possibilities will be improved by the additional dock meters, it will be easier for vessels to maneuver inside the port, and larger reloading spaces and business areas will be established.

"An expansion will simply make it more attractive to use the Port of Hirtshals. We will be able to convince more business owners that they should place their businesses at the port, and the businesses already present at the port will have more possibilities. For example, it will become easier for the shipping companies and the entire transport sector to plan logistics and distribution solutions," says Per Holm Nørgaard.

Following the four-week pre-debate and the public meeting, the planning process will last several months and will include the preparation of environmental consequence assessments, additions to the municipality plans, and proposals for the district plans. During an eight-week hearing period, citizens, stakeholders, and other interested parties can express their thoughts on the expansion. Once the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority has given its permission for the expansion, the politicians in the city council will be able to finally approve the plans.