Best month ever for the Port of Hirtshals

The curve is broken and is now moving in the right direction for the Port of Hirtshals as the numbers of passengers and cars passing through the port hit record highs in July 2022. More than 190,000 cars and around 630,000 passengers used the port which is considerable progress. This suggests that the pent-up desire to travel from the last couple of years has finally been released, the director of the port, Per Holm Nørgaard, explains.

July 2022 is the best month ever for the Port of Hirtshals in terms of the numbers of cars and passengers. Of course, lock downs and covid restrictions over the last couple of years have had an impact on the traffic moving through the port. But with just around 630,000 passengers to and from Norway, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands in July alone, the number is seven percent higher than July 2019. More than 190,000 cars passed through the port in July which is 12 percent more than July 2019.

Port of Hirtshals is pleased with the positive development which shows numbers for both cars and passengers moving in the right direction.
- We have seen dramatic increases in July which has turned out to be the best month ever for the port. We are thrilled to see such solid progress, in the numbers for both passengers and cars. It is obvious to us that we have moved passed the pandemic. It is largely because of great efforts made by the shipping companies that we have succeeded in getting that many passengers and cars through the port as they have been able to handle the high number of passengers without any difficulty, says director of the Port of Hirtshals, Per Holm Nørgaard.
The first six months of the year are looking equally good. Even with lockdown during the first couple of months, the number of passengers is 19 percent higher than all of 2021. The number of cars in the first six months of 2022 is already reaching the number for all of 2021, bearing in mind that 2021 was extremely affected by covid.
- At this point in time, at the beginning of the second half-year, we have, by and large, reached the goals for the year's first seven months. This is, to some extent, thanks to the amazing numbers for July. We have no illusions that the fall will be equally overwhelming but so far, the numbers are moving along pretty well, Per Holm Nørgaard explains.

Seven months into 2022, the value of fish has increased by 52 percent compared to the first seven months of 2021. The number of trucks has fallen by 2 percent in the same period. This is because the so-called lane meters are being used by cars which gives less space for trucks which must then find other means of transportation.