Port of Hirtshals ready for increased freight traffic

On Friday 3 April, the Port of Hirtshals was able to put a closure to the construction work regarding the establishment of the new Ferry berth 4 at NordsøTerminalen. Already the day after, the ferry berth was put into service due to heavy traffic at the Port of Hirtshals.

Aerial photo of the eastern part of the port

The closing handover concerned the linkspan which is built to service both catamarans and conventional tonnage. The linkspan has a vertical span of 3 metres which ensures that the ferry berth can handle both variations in water level as well as the movements of the ships in connection with loading and unloading. Furthermore, an installed control unit in the hydraulic system ensures an optimal adjustment of the linkspan during operation.

The linkspan was supplied by Bladt Industries, who was responsible for the steel work itself, in collaboration with Serman & Tipsmark, who supplied the complete hydraulic system and electrical control system.

- We are very satisfied that we now have completed the establishment of Ferry berth 4 at Trailerkajen. The ferry berth is thus ready to receive Fjord FSTR later this year, says the Technical manager at the Port of Hirtshals, Peter Ydesen shortly after the handover.

Ferry berth 4 has primarily been established to service Fjord Line's newly built catamaran "Fjord FSTR" which is put into service later this year. The new catamaran will service the route between Hirtshals and Kristiansand - a route that so far has been serviced by "HSC Fjord Cat". Despite it has nearly twice the capacity, "Fjord FSTR" can also handle the crossing in two and three-quarter hours.

Heavy traffic at the Port of Hirtshals meant, that the shipping company Fjord Line chose to call the new ferry berth with the ferry M/F "Stavangerfjord" already on Saturday, because Containerkajen, where Fjord Line's conventional ferries usually arrive, was extraordinarily called by a ro/ro vessel.

Fjord Line's ferries

- The new ferry berth allows us to show greater flexibility to both current and future customers. With the commissioning of Ferry berth 4, the Port of Hirtshals is thus prepared for the increased traffic that is expected at the port over the coming years, says Jens Kirketerp Jensen, Managing director at the Port of Hirtshals.