Hirtshals has become energy positive

Just over a month after the four wind turbines on the eastern part of the port in Hirtshals were put into operation, the first positive indications show Hirtshals as an energy positive town.

The four wind turbines were put into operation on 20 December last year and already now there have been days when the electricity generation of the four turbines exceeds the electricity consumption throughout Hirtshals. Thereby, the four wind turbines generate more electricity than is consumed in the homes in Hirtshals as well as in the companies at and around the port.

The four wind turbines at the port seen from east

Since the commissioning in December, there have been periods when the electricity generation in Hirtshals has been over 50 % greater than the consumption of electricity. As a result, more electricity has been sent out to the remaining electricity network than to Hirtshals. The town of Hirtshals thus contributes specifically to the green transition that is starting to take off in both Denmark and Europe. However, the green transition is about much more than energy production, and therefore issues such as energy storage and green fuels will have a strong presence in the years to come.

It will soon be possible to monitor the electricity generation as well as the electricity consumption in Hirtshals from day to day. Within a short period of time, Hirtshals Havnefond will open up the display of current figures and statistics on its website.

Marketing manager at the Port of Hirtshals, Ditte Sørensen, who is responsible for the port's implementation of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the port's contribution to the green transition, is already looking ahead.

- The current development here in Hirtshals suggests to place even more focus on energy efficient thinking at the port and in the town in the future. The concern is to eliminate unnecessary energy consumption and utilize the energy that is used in the best possible way, says Ditte Sørensen.

The four wind turbines at the port seen from east

The four wind turbines at the Port of Hirtshals are Vestas V136 4.2 MW, and they are the first turbines in Denmark to be installed subsidy-free. The turbines are thus operated on purely commercial basis.