Freight transports gather at the Port of Hirtshals

In the midst of the corona pandemic from which our society, and not least Europe and the rest of the world, is suffering, positive developments from the middle of Scandinavia can be reported. After being taken out of service for planned dock and subsequent laying up, Color Line already re-inserts "SuperSpeed 1" in one daily route between Kristiansand and Hirtshals.

Color Line's ferry entering the port

"SuperSpeed 1" was taken out of ordinary operation on Monday, March 16, 2020 as a consequence of the authorities' COVID-19 measures. Originally, all traffic with "SuperSpeed 1" should have been discontinued until April 13, but due to the high demand from the freight sector, "SuperSpeed 1" is now inserted as freight ferry for a limited period.

The port of Hirtshals has only experienced a minor reduction in the transport of goods between Norway and Hirtshals during the pandemic, which the continued ferry traffic between Hirtshals and Norway clearly shows. The ferry companies Color Line, Fjord Line and Smyril Line still have daily calls at the Port of Hirtshals and thus assume a vital societal obligation by maintaining supplies to the populations of the different countries.

In the current - and for the world very critical - situation, we are witnessing shifts in the transport of freight. Here, Hirtshals has come to stand even stronger in terms of freight transport between Norway and the European continent, which indicates that the corridors through Hirtshals are both efficient and attractive, says Jens Kirketerp Jensen, managing director at the Port of Hirtshals.

In a situation where all businesses, entire industries and the whole freight transport industry are under pressure, all opportunities are sought in order to optimise operations and transports even more than on a daily basis. The managing director of the Port of Hirtshals, Jens Kirketerp Jensen believes that we all should use this global timeout to find new and greener transport solutions.

Lorries arriving at the port

- We all know that there will be a day after the current corona lockdown, and we can of course learn a lot from what we are currently experiencing. Therefore, we now have a unique opportunity to look ahead and find new and better transport solutions - greener solutions - than most people use today. By using multimodal transports that combine sea, road and rail traffic, the freight transport becomes more sustainable and thus contributes to the green transition, Jens Kirketerp Jensen concludes.