Color Line's logistics centre in Hirtshals inaugurated

Color Line's strategic prioritisation of sustainability and Hirtshals' significant role in future logistics solutions in Northern Europe were some of CEO, Trond Kleivdal's primary focus points when he gave his opening speech on Tuesday, 4 February 2020, at the inauguration of the shipping company's logistics centre in Hirtshals.

With the commissioning of the new logistics centre, Color Line unifies all logistics activities around the shipping companies' ferries in Hirtshals. This means that all future supply of the Color Line ferries with destinations in Norway, Sweden, Germany and Denmark will take place in Hirtshals. 

Color Line's new logistics centre

In addition to the commissioning of the logistics centre, Color Line also takes a decisive step in the digitisation of the ferry supply. Due to a new stock management system that is based on an integration between the logistics centre and the ferry shops, the flow of goods will be optimised so that travellers will get an even better experience when they visit the shops on the ferries of the shipping company.

At yesterday's event at Color Line's logistics centre, up to 100 guests gained an insight into the future of logistics of goods, while they also enjoyed food from Color Hotel Skagen. Here, a vivid picture was given of the company's work with all dimensions of sustainability and efficiency.

Color Line's flag

Through an innovative mindset, the company has a goal of bringing Northern Europe's passenger and cargo transport into a climate friendly future. The CEO of Color Line, Trond Kleivdal also pointed out the importance of Hirtshals in connection with logistics solutions of the future, before he, together with the mayor of Hjørring Municipality, Arne Boelt cut the cord to the new logistics centre in Hirtshals.

The new logistics centre is not only a milestone for Color Line - but also for industrial construction, which demonstrates the will for sustainability with this building; Among other things, through an active integration of solar cells, the logistics centre is built according to the optional Danish "bygningsklasse 2020", which is a low-energy class that ensures a minimal energy consumption.

The mayor of Hjørring Municipality, Arne Boelt cut the cord