All fish boxes in North Jutland are now washed at the port of Hirtshals

Far faster than expected, all fish boxes in North Jutland are washed in Hirtshals Fiskeriforening's new box washing facilities at the Port of Hirtshals. The new facilities in Hirtshals were put into operation on 2 July 2019 after the construction of a new hall and the installation of a new highly efficient box washer. The box washing facilities has given the fishing industry in the northern Jutland an upgrade in the supply of clean fish boxes.

- It is of course with some pride that we can announce that we have now unified all washing of fish boxes from the North Jutland fishing ports in Hirtshals. When we decided to invest in new box washing facilities and move to a new hall at Auktionskajen, it was our hope that we in the long term could wash all fish boxes here in Hirtshals. However, our goal has been achieved much faster than we expected, says Niels Kristian Nielsen, chairman of Hirtshals Fiskeriforening.

The building of Fish Terminal Hirtshals

The North Jutland fishing unions and "Pack&Sea" are working together to optimise and streamline the logistics of the fish boxes and their daily washing.

- The fishing unions in North Jutland have entered into agreement with the fishing union's joint box corporation "Pack&Sea" about washing all boxes in Hirtshals. This means that we have washed all fish boxes from Hirtshals as well as Skagen and Strandby in Hirtshals since the end of December, says Niels Kristian Nielsen.

Facilities for washing of fish boxes

The Port of Hirtshals is the largest of the three North Jutland fishing ports in auction fishery. Therefore, it is both strategically and transportwise the most optimal solution to clean the fish boxes in Hirtshals. Hirtshals Fiskeriforening's new box washer has a capacity of 800 boxes per hour and is located in a new hall of 1,000 m² which is built as an extension of FiskeTerminal Hirtshals.

- We make every effort to provide the best possible service to everyone that we supply with clean fish boxes - and it is independent whether it is in Skagen, Strandby or Hirtshals. Everyone must have the same service, and it must at the same time be the best possible service, assures the chairman of Hirtshals Fiskeriforening.