The world's largest salmon terminal inaugurated at the Port of Hirtshals

The sun was shining, the sky was blue and over 10 different nationalities participated, when the world's largest salmon terminal, as a part of the Hav Line concept, was inaugurated by minister Karsten Lauritzen and mayor of Hjørring Municipality Arne Boelt at the Port of Hirtshals on Thursday, 23 May.

At the inauguration, however, both hosts and guests had to do without one of the two main characters of the party, namely the world's largest harvesting vessel "Norwegian Gannet". The vessel was extraordinary sent to northern Norway to slaughter up to 1,000 tons of salmon, which would otherwise be lost as a result of a sudden weather-dependent algae bloom. "Norwegian Gannet" is the only vessel that can handle such a large amount of salmon within a very short time limit. This is also the reason why Hav Line prioritized that the vessel contributed to saving great values for salmon farmers rather than participated in the inauguration event.

Together "Norwegian Gannet" and the salmon terminal at the Port of Hirtshals form the Hav Line concept. Through innovation and rethinking of the whole process of slaughtering and distributing salmon, the concept sets a whole new standard for handling and exporting salmon from Norway. As a result, Hav Line helps to ensure the future competitiveness of the Norwegian salmon industry.
At his opening speech, director Carl-Erik Arnesen from Hav Line Processing emphasised the opportunities that "Norwegian Gannet" and the terminal at the Port of Hirtshals provide for Norwegian salmon farming and Norwegian salmon exports:
- The great future growth in salmon farming in Norway will have environmental consequences and cause further strain on the Norwegian road network. With the Hav Line concept the salmon is sailed from Norway to Hirtshals, and thereby the salmon industry avoids placing further strain on the Norwegian road network with up to 7,000 trucks a year. Thereby, the climate impact will be reduced by transporting the salmon directly by sea rather than bringing the salmon ashore in Norway and afterwards driving it to the continent.

Through the new concept Hav Line has optimised the whole process of transporting and handling the salmon, as the salmon is both transported and slaughtered simultaneous. Moreover, the Port of Hirtshals' optimal location between Norway and the European continent means that also the transport itself is optimized in relation to the geographical possibilities. With the opening of Hav Line's terminal, Hirtshals is consolidated as a central turntable for processing and transporting salmon in Europe.

Hav Line's salmon terminal at the Port of Hirtshals is with its 11,000 m² the largest salmon terminal in the world. The terminal has a capacity of 100 tons an hour, and Hav Line Processing can thereby handle around 10,000 tons of salmon at the terminal a week. When both "Norwegian Gannet" and the terminal reach their full capacity, Hav Line Processing can send 2,000 tons of salmon to the European markets and the world market a week. The terminal thus has the capacity for further growth in the optimal handling of salmon.