Port builders from 7 different countries met at the NordPIANC conference in Hirtshals

More than 70 engineers and technicians specialised in waterborne transport infrastructure met at the NordPiANC conference in Hirtshals on 11-13 September 2019. NordPIANC is held every second year with the purpose of gathering the northern members of PIANC for professional back-and-forth and knowledge sharing within their field that i.e. includes port construction and coastal protection.

NordPIANC was held at the Skaga Hotel but as prelude to the close programme of the conference the participants had a little detour to Nordsøen Oceanarium.

In connection with the conduct of the NordPIANC conference first delegate of PIANC in Denmark, Jens Kirkegaard says:
- There has been a program with a long row of professionally interesting presentations, and the presentations have been supplemented with a visit to two significant ports on the west coast - Hirtshals and Hanstholm. In this way, we have achieved the basis for knowledge sharing, which is essential for future development.

The president of PIANC, Francisco Esteban Lefler from Spain also attended the conference in Hirtshals, and afterwards he emphasised the importance of the network in PIANC and the knowledge sharing that takes place at their conferences and events all over the world. This knowledge sharing helps to strengthen and develop the future work on port construction and the streamlining of port operations. At the same time president, Francisco Esteban Lefler expresses his satisfaction with the event in Hirtshals which featured highly qualified presentations across a wide range of themes.

The technical manager of the Port of Hirtshals, Peter Ydesen, who has been one of the main organisers, is also satisfied after the completion of the three days of conference:
- I am under the impression that we have given the participants from all over the Nordic and Baltic both a good experience in Hirtshals as well as a programme with a number of relevant presentations. All in all, the days have gone according to plan and we have received positive feedback, therefore we can be satisfied with NordPIANC 2019.

PIANC is a global organisation for waterborne transport infrastructure whose mission is to provide expert guidance and technical advice by bringing together the best international experts. The members of the organisation therefore consist of a wide range of different jobs, all of which work within port and water construction - from consultants, contractors, ports to public administration.