Hirtshals Yard is fully operating

After a thorough renovation during last autumn, the floating dock at the Port of Hirtshals is now back in its permanent place. With the docking of M / V "Franklin", Hirtshals Yard is again fully operating after a challenging autumn, where the yard's floating dock capsized, and a renovation became necessary. 

While the floating dock has been renovated, the roof has been removed. This means that the dock's lifting capacity is increased by 800 tons, so the dock can now accommodate tonnage of 3,100 tons. By removing the 30 years old roof, there are in principle no height restrictions in the dock, and Hirtshals Yard can now move into markets with larger ships.

In relation with the first docking after the renovation, director at Hirtshals Yard, Rasmus Brohus, says:
- We have been through a tough period for both the company and the employees, but now we are on the track again, and we are now looking forward with new opportunities and a stronger organization. We have always been on the market, and now we can again fully deliver repairs and reconstructions.

In connection with the renovation of the floating dock and restarting the activities, Hirtshals Yard has gained new strong shareholders, who have new perspectives for the future. Hirtshals Yard's new shareholders add new competences to the company, which will strengthen the company's day-to-day operations and the strategic perspectives for the development of the activities. At the same time, the competencies that have now been added to the company will sharpen the company's profile and thus ensure that Hirtshals Yard can deliver the same high quality as previously and at the same time be competitive to an even greater extent than before. 

Rasmus Brohus continues:
- We are fully aware of Hirtshals Yards role as a driving force when servicing ships, and at the same time as the basis for a large number of jobs in Hirtshals. We must therefore as quickly as possible reach the full height of the market for ship repairs, renovations and refurbishments, which our competences cover. 

The visible evidence that Hirtshals continues to hold a strong service sector in the maritime sector is the docking of M / V "Franklin" in January. In continuation of the first docking, Hirtshals Yard has the next orders in the book.