Another turnover record for the Port of Hirtshals

With the presentation of the financial statement for the financial year 2018, the Port of Hirtshals noted, that the port has reached yet another milestone in the ongoing development growth. The Port of Hirtshals had a total turnover of 80.2m DKK in 2018. Thereby, the port has achieved a constant revenue growth since 2010. For the Port of Hirtshals the total operation of the port can be characterized as sensible, as the port comes out of 2018 with a result of 14.9m DKK and an equity of 378,2m DKK. 

Chairman of the board, Anker Laden-Andersen states in connection with the presentation of the financial statement:
- It is naturally satisfying, that we round a turnover of 80m DKK, and at the same time it is important to say, that it does not end here. We are constantly working to develop future growth potentials and to improve operations, and we have initiated processes that will sharpen our profiles in relation to the strategic market focus as well as we are optimizing both organisationally and operationally in more and more fields.

For us, 2018 has been characterised by the fact that there are strong players in the transport business at the port, who show a continued growth of activities, but at the same time we have to acknowledge, that we are challenged in the fishing segment. This means, that we must work on initiatives within the fishing segment, which can interact with the potentials that Hirtshals clearly has.

Also in 2018 the growth of the Port of Hirtshals has been based on an organic growth within primarily transport and logistics. However, the port has launched a series of initiatives, which, over the next few years, hopefully will contribute to a jump in the port's revenue as a result of new establishments and the introduction of new activities. In addition, there will be further focus on the development of multimodal transport solutions, which utilize the port's location directly to Skagerrak and with the motorway and the railway directly to the port.

Based on a strategic objective of integrating the business segments at the Port of Hirtshals, the port will in the future work on strengthening the business clusters in Hirtshals through the development and rental of areas as well as attraction of industrial buildings.

Also the fishery in Hirtshals has the port's special attention, and the port will re-evaluate its strategic work on strengthening the fishing segment in order to secure the foundation for the fish processing industry. Herein lies further the port's commitment to the local community, where the fish is in the DNA.

It is the port's expectation, that the four wind turbines, which will be installed at the port, will be put into operation in the autumn of 2019, and thereby the port will be provided with additional earnings, while Hirtshals' climate profile will be radically changed.