"Norwegian Gannet" now collects salmon in Scotland to the terminal at the Port of Hirtshals

The havesting vessel "Norwegian Gannet" has just called the Port of Hirtshals after its first voyage to Scotland to collect 640 tonnes of salmon.

The CEO of Hav Line, Carl-Erik Arnesen was on the first voyage to Scotland to follow the collection of the 640 tonnes of salmon:
- We collected the salmon west of Scotland, and the collection proceeded according to plan and to great satisfaction of the farmer; the fresh salmon arrived at the salmon terminal at the Port of Hirtshals after a voyage of only 46 hours from the salmon farms. Of course, it has been exciting to collect salmon in Scotland, because we only have collected salmon in Norway until now, and here we have developed a certain routine. The first voyage to Scotland has therefore been a major milestone in the development of the Hav Line concept.

This voyage to Scotland proves that the innovative Norwegian salmon concept - the Hav Line method - is so ground-breaking and sustainable that it can already prove its strength outside of Norway. Thereby, the Hav Line method is living proof that Norwegian knowledge and development within salmon farming and processing is in an absolute leadership position, and this position can only be maintained.

The fact that "Norwegian Gannet" collects 640 tonnes of fresh salmon from four salmon farms in Scotland and transport them to Hav Line's salmon terminal at the Port of Hirtshals consolidates the Port of Hirtshals as the northern European turntable for salmon handling and distribution.

Chairman of the board of the Port of Hirtshals, Anker Laden-Andersen also looks into the future:
- It is evident to see "Norwegian Gannet's " first journey in a Brexit perspective. After all, there is a certain probability that the British will leave the EU on 31 October 2019 without a deal - no deal Brexit - and this is very likely to mean that the freight transport in the area around the English Channel will collapse. Therefore, the collection of salmon in Western Scotland and the delivery in Hirtshals by "Norwegian Gannet" is only proof that the innovative Norwegian salmon industry can find solutions to the upcoming challenge. As a port we can also only be satisfied that once again it has been proven that the unique location of the Port of Hirtshals enables efficient transport solutions across the North Sea.