Søren Gade (V) in dialogue with Port of Hirtshals

Søren Gade (V) in dialogue with Port of Hirtshals concerning the Nordic link and the railway capacity in Northern Jutland

On Monday 20th February, Søren Gade, Member of Parliament and political group leader, visited Port of Hirtshals. The visit was a good occasion to discuss the Danish ports' conditions and possibilities in order to continuously create growth.

At the meeting, Port of Hirtshals had listed current items which all have influence on the Danish ports' - and in particular the ports' in Northern Jutland's possibilities for future growth.

Nordic link
It is important that the Nordic link is considered in a Scandinavian context. The Nordic link is the Scandinavian link that connects Scandinavian with Central Europe and at the same time links Jutland, where 75 % of all production in Denmark are located, and the export markets in the remaining part of Europe. It is therefore very important that the Nordic link can secure the transportation industry that the link is an efficient and trustworthy cannel for transportation and furthermore that it has enough capacity to connect Norway, Sweden, and Jutland with Central Europe.

Railway capacity
In order to fulfill the goal getting more cargo transported by the railway, it is necessary that the railway capacity is sufficient enough to manage both transportation of passengers and cargo from Hirtshals to the German border. It is therefore important that the capacity will improved on those sections that involve challenges today. The challenges involved the fact that the railway between Aalborg and Hirtshals only hold one track which complicate transportation of cargo during the day.

The implementation of the political objectives will demand investments in order to get a double-track.