Seawell Hirtshals looks ahead towards continuously growth

Without many noticing, the salmon activities in Hirtshals are rising. Latest, Seawell Hirtshals has expanded its production facilities and is now producing 35 tons daily - and that even without making use of the full capacity.

Seawell Hirtshals has during 2016 and the beginning of 2017 expanded its production facilities by installing two new production lines which allow Seawell Hirtshals to supply among other things sides of salmon and vacuum-packed portion cuts.

A clear focus on the foodservice market and a production based on salmon from the Faroe Islands and Norway, Seawell's strategic goal for continuously growth is clear. The manager at Seawell Hirtshals, Peter Bidstrup clarifies:
- At Seawell Hirtshals, we are ready for further growth based on the markets which we constantly aim to develop. The only significant factor that potentially can challenge further growth, is the ability to acquire enough qualified labour as well as getting the needed permits to use the expansion opportunities. At Seawell Hirtshals, the market potentials are very clear.

Hirtshals holds the largest cluster of salmon organisation in Denmark. With the expansion at Seawell Hirtshals, the position has only been strengthened. The development is expected to continue and Hirtshals' position as hub for the salmon production in Denmark will therefore be further consolidated.