Salmon terminal at the Port of Hirtshals takes part in an optimised production process

To optimise the quality of the products and to minimise the environmental impact, the Norwegian, Hav Line Group, has developed a new concept for transportation and production of salmon. With the Port of Hirtshals as centre of rotation, will the new concept offer the European markets salmon of a particularly high quality.
With the new concept, the Hav Line Group can remove all unnecessary processes. The salmon will be collected at the raising facilities in the Norwegian fjords, and will from there be ships directly to the terminal in Hirtshals as the salmon will be process on the way. The salmon that is arriving at the Port of Hirtshals is therefore processed and ready for package. 

From Hirtshals, the salmon are distributed to the European continent with a minimum of time consumption. The new concept involves less handling of the salmon, and in comparison with the traditional method, the salmon is exposed for less stress. Furthermore, will the total process time be reduced significantly as the production of the salmon is carried out during the sea transport between the Norwegian fjords and the terminal in Hirtshals.

The chairman of the board at the Port of Hirtshals, Anker Laden-Andersen, states in relation with Hav Line Group's the establishment at the Port of Hirtshals:
- We have a close collaboration with Hav Line Group and Skagerak Group - just like other organisations that wish to make use of the Port of Hirtshals unique geographic and logistic opportunities. It is a highly interesting collaboration and the new concept, which Hav Line Group has developed, can be identified as disruption of the total supply chain for distribution of salmon in Europe. It is obviously very exciting to take part in.

The Port of Hirtshals holds the largest amount of organisation involved in the salmon industry in Denmark. In the future, it is expected that the position will be strengthened even further. The basis for the development in Hirtshals, is the Port of Hirtshals' significant geographical position between the Norwegian fishing industry and the market in Europe.