Laser cladding secures a unique competitive advantage at MarineService

MarineService always aims to provide the best possible product to its customers and that is why MarineService, which is located in Hirtshals, recently invested in the mobile laser cladding equipment. Besides, optimizing the existing procedures, the advantaged technology enables that MarineService can repair objects which previously had to be rejected.

Earlier, the high input of heat, which the traditional welding technique applies to the material, caused that the items were not repairable and therefore had to be replaced. One of the advantages with the new technique is that it applies less heat to the material and furthermore the heat input is more accurate which allows MarineService to repair instead of replacing.

Lars Weber, managing director at MarineService, underlines that the laser cladding equipment must be recognized as a quality assurance that allows MarineService to offer an even better product than traditional welding allows:
- By investing in the laser cladding equipment, we have become better at what we were already good at, and we are now specialized in repairing objects which earlier were not repairable. Furthermore, the laser cladding equipment provides our customers with a more sustainable product since we no longer have to replace the damaged objects. Besides being more sustainable, the laser cladding equipment secures a more time efficient process which minimize the costs.

The laser cladding equipment gives MarineService a lead in comparison with their competitors and strengthen the company's competitive advantages.