Greenlandic vessels choose Hirtshals for maritime service

At the moment several Greenlandic vessels can be found at the Port of Hirtshals. All vessels are here to undergo a larger service upgrade. SARFAQ ITTUK, which is a smaller passenger vessel and part of Artic Umiaq Line that sails between Nuuk and the towns on Greenland's west coast, arrived at the end of January. Shortly thereafter, the Greenlandic cargo vessel PAJUTTAT arrived. PAJUTTAT is part of Royal Arctic Line, which transports cargo between Aalborg in Denmark and Greenland. The two vessels are expected to stay until mid-February.

Both SARFAQ ITTUK and PAJUTTAT will undergo a larger paint job, and general service such as change of windows, overhaul of propellers and thruster. Besides these two larger vessels, the prawn trawler SAKKAK from Sisimiut can also be found in Hirtshals. SAKKAK has undergone an extensive overhaul and transformed from being an older vessel into a new vessel with new factory, new trawl winches and new interior fittings.

Rasmus Brohus CEO at Hirtshals Yard says:
- It is possible to get this type of service several places in the North Atlantic area, Norway and Denmark. But what gives us a little advantage compared to other places, is our covered floating dock. We are independent of the weather forecast for ship repair such as e.g. paint jobs. Furthermore, we have a very good cooperation with the other service companies in Hirtshals, and the customer only have to contact one company, and they will then help you contact other relevant companies.

The companies at the Port of Hirtshals are experienced with service of Greenlandic vessels. For several years, the companies have performed service and maintenance of Greenlandic prawn trawlers. The good cooperation among the companies can also be seen in the joined effort to attract more service jobs to the port, among these Greenlandic vessels.