From trading company to production company at the Port of Hirtshals

The salmon production company Jelex Seafood A/S established itself at the Port of Hirtshals in 2016, and at the same time, the company went from being a trading company to being a production company. Today Jelex Seafood A/S has 28 employees, including 19 in the production and nine in its administration and sales office.

Owner of Jelex Seafood A/S, Jens Elsnab, says:
- Going from being a trading company to being a production company is a radical change, and it has required, and still requires, a lot of adjustment. It is a huge advantage to produce the products instead of merely selling them, because I now know that the quality is always at its highest.

Jens Elsnab continues:
- For me, it seems very natural to establish the production company at the Port of Hirtshals. Hirtshals has Denmark's largest concentration of salmon companies, and because our production is mainly based on the by-products from the primary salmon production, it is essential that our business partners are also our neighbors. This is an important part of ensuring high-quality products.

The staff at Jelex Seafood A/S is versatile and multi-cultural with more than 10 different nationalities represented in the company. The multi-cultural staff is part of consolidating the company's professionalism, as the company's customers are food producers from mainly Southern Europe and South America. Jelex Seafood A/S produces about 20 different salmon ingredients, which are used in e.g. pâtés, lasagnas, and as pasta filling.

At Jelex Seafood A/S, sustainability is a top priority, which means that the company has the intention of creating as little waste as possible in the salmon production. 'Salmon ingredient' is a term used for the product that is left when the salmon has been filleted. After the filleting process, there is still high-quality salmon left on the fish.

In its current production, Jelex Seafood A/S makes sure that the parts of the fish which would otherwise have been wasted are utilized. In the future, the company has even higher ambitions, which would mean that 0 percent of the salmon will be considered waste. 

Lars Fey, CEO, says:
- Our vision is that within a short period of years, we do not have any salmon waste in our production. Today, there is a small amount of waste, but the goal is that every single part of the salmon will be utilized.

It is possible for Jelex Seafood A/S to reach its goals in its current facilities as they have sufficient space to expand their production, and the company is expecting to grow by 30 percent in 2018.