Expansion of the current transport network on the agenda of the Port of Hirtshals at Transport Logistic 2017

The Port of Hirtshals has just returned home from one of the world's largest transport exhibitions, Transport Logistic 2017 in Munich. The main message of the Port of Hirtshals was expansion of the current transport network, and besides a range of interesting meetings and enquiries, the port had an increased focus on railway cargo.

The Port of Hirtshals focused on intensifying the dialogue with players in the railway cargo sector to speed up the start-up of cargo traffic to the Port of Hirtshals. The combi terminal in Hirtshals was finished in 2015, and next step in the process is to establish regular traffic. According to the railway cargo operators, there is a great potential in relocating cargo from road to railway - with the Port of Hirtshals as a basis. However, a closer dialogue between the cargo trans-porters and the railway cargo sector is needed to create the necessary commitment to a start-up of railway traffic.

Marketing manager at the Port of Hirtshals Ditte Sørensen says in connection with the exhibition:
- It takes a lot of resources to plan and participate in an exhibition like Transport Logistic - both in terms of preparation before the exhibition and during the event. However, the outcome of the contacts made during the exhibition makes it all worth it. The first times we participated, it took a lot of legwork and canvassing, but now we are experiencing the that the customers come to us on their own initiative. Besides making contact to new business partners, the exhibition also provides us with an opportunity to show the transport sector the importance of the Port of Hirtshals as an intermodal logistics centre in Scandinavia.

Transport Logistic 2017 also included a range of different events and receptions. Thursday at the exhibition, the Port of Hirtshals held an event called "Future Scandinavian Logistics", at which three different operators within the European transport sector gave their view on the future development and opportunities offered by Hirtshals. Additionally, new enquiries to the shipping and ferry companies operating at the Port of Hirtshals paved the way for new transport solutions via the Port of Hirtshals.