Another new ship for Hirtshals and a new business area for Hirtshals Yard

At the beginning of February, HG 236 "Milton" arrived in Hirtshals. HG 236 "Milton" is the latest new ship after HG 264 "Ruth" and HG 62 "Beinur". HG 236 "Milton" is designed by Vestværftet in Hvide Sande and build by the Polish yard PTS Ltd. in Stettin. Hirtshals Yard are completing and fitting out the vessel which is a new area of business for Hirtshals Yard. The vessel is expected to be ready for use in July.

Concerning the arrival Jan Woller said:
- Already when we sold the previous "Milton", I planned to buy a new vessel. From the beginning, when I first mentioned the idea concerning completing the vessel in Hirtshals, Hirtshals Yard took part. Furthermore, the subcontractors, who we more or less have chosen ourselves, have shown great favourably. When completing the vessel in Hirtshals, I hope other fishermen will notice that Hirtshals is able to manage such jobs.

HG 236 "Milton" is an inshore vessel which will be used to catch MSC certified fish. However, it is also possible to use the vessel for sustainable fishery done with hooks. Besides, the vessel is designed so that ship owner, Jan Woller, furthermore can take part in ration fishery after industrial fish.

The arrival of the new building HG 236 "Milton" underlines the positive tendency in the fishery at present. Over the last years, several new ships have arrived in Port of Hirtshals and in 2016 the port experienced progress and growth in the demersal fishery. The latest vessel will increase the possibility of further progress and therefore strengthen the fishery in Hirtshals.