A merger between Nortech Marine from Hirtshals and SL Power Service generate new jobs in Hirtshals

Nortech Marine in Hirtshals mergers with SL Power Service in Faaborg which so far will generate six new jobs in Hirtshals. Besides, the six new jobs Christian Andersson, the founder of Nortech Marine, expects that the merger will generate even more jobs at the Port of Hirtshals. 

- The first six jobs will be created in the beginning of the autumn. However, we do expect that the merger will generate even more jobs, states Christian Andersson.

Ever since Christian Andersson established Nortech Marine in 2015, the organization has experienced growth, and the merger with SL Power Service is jus another step in the development process. The merger provides the new organization, which will be named SL Power A/S, with the possibility to grow even more.

In relation to the merger a lot of things will happen in Hirtshals, since SL Power A/S will have volume to establish a 1,100 m² workshop as well as an office in Hirtshals.

-Hirtshals has an ideal location in proportion to the Norwegian customers, which I expect a lot of, says Christian Andersson. In addition, Christian Andersson adds that the new organization will have a strong position since Nortech Marine has been specialized in engines and propellers from the brand, Wärtsilä, whereas SL Power Service has been specialized in the brand called MaK.

In the new SL Power A/S, the founder of SL Power Service, Sonni Lundin, will be the managing director whereas the founder of Nortech Marine, Christian Andersson will be technical director.