The shipping company CLdN is preparing for southbound calls at the Port of Hirtshals

CLdN's cargo service between Zeebrugge, Hirtshals and Gothenburg continues the positive development, and as preparation for new southbound calls, the shipping company had a test call at the Port of Hirtshals with the vessel M/S Somerset the night between Sunday and Monday, 4 and 5 September.

CLdN is preparing an expansion of the service with calls at the Port of Hirtshals every Sunday evening at 22h00 from Gothenburg and with departure for Zeebrugge at 00h00. The southbound call will supplement the shipping company's northbound call from Zeebrugge with arrival in Hirtshals every Tuesday morning at 6h30 and departure for Gothenburg at 8h00. CLdN will thereby call at the Port of Hirtshals in both southbound and northbound direction, and will be able to offer the transport markets a product that gives the cargo transporters better opportunities to utilize their equipment.

After a calm summer period, a noticeable growth can now be seen on the service Zeebrugge - Hirtshals - Gothenburg, and an increasing number of bookings have also been registered in both directions for the time to come. Both lorries, trailers and other transport units have been booked, and the destinations are both Northern Jutland and Norway, where the shipping companies Fjord Line and Color Line will handle the last part of the transport.

The test call Monday night was done without problems and the unloading of nine trailers from Gothenburg to Hirtshals was done quickly and efficiently. CLdN is thereby ready to increase the number of calls at the Port of Hirtshals as the demand in the market increases.