The Port of Hirtshals broke a record again in 2015

The turnover of the Port of Hirtshals has never been higher than the turnover of 2015. Also, the result of the accounts of Euro 1.95m was very satisfying for the seventh largest port in Denmark.

With a turnover of Euro 9.9m, the Port of Hirtshals broke another limit in the port's continuous growth, and the Port of Hirtshals thereby experienced a total increase in turnover for the sixth financial year in a row. The increase was realised through an organic growth in the port's primary business segments, and can thereby be directly related to a stabile organic growth among the port's customers. In 2015, the Port of Hirtshals experienced growth and turnover records in the majority of its central business areas within transport and fishery.

A satisfied chairman of the board Anker Laden-Andersen says:
- From 2014 to 2015, we have realized a turnover increase of 7.4 %, and this development has been created through an organic growth in the port's central business segments. Furthermore, it is essential that we continue our goal of economic consolidation. Although not all business segments have contributed equally to the growth, it draws a positive picture of the business activities in Hirtshals. It will become increasingly difficult to continue similar growth rates in the years to come, and therefore we have to be even more focused in the development work and the initiatives we launch. However, our expectations for 2016 is further growth.

The port's turnover is an indicator of the business climate in Hjoerring Municipality, and the increase in turnover documents the increasing level of activities, which characterizes a wide range of companies in Hirtshals. Several companies in Hirtshals are launching new initiatives in terms of development of new business areas and expansion of existing activities. In 2015, construction work has been done at Duusgaard Coating, Claus Sørensen A/S, Hirtshals El-Motorservice, Nordrep and Niels Jensen & Co. Furthermore, the office facilities at North Atlantic Shipping have been expanded significantly. These initiatives indicate that the Port of Hirtshals has an even stronger foundation for continuous growth in the years to come.

Within offshore activities, the Port of Hirtshals has also experienced a significant development in 2015. The offshore company Safe Ocean Service has set up as part of the service cluster at East Basin 2, and this has already left an imprint at the port, as the company at the moment has two accommodation rigs situated at the port for maintenance.

Except for the focus on business development and growth in activities, the port also prioritises the development of the physical settings. Therefore, the port is continuously working on plans for a physical expansion of the port as part of the port's economic development and in order to be able to realise the port's future strategic development initiatives.

Chairman of the board Anker Laden-Andersen adds:
- We have positive expectations for the years to come. Among other things, this has increased after the start-up of a new cargo service between Zeebrügge, Hirtshals and Gothenburg in February 2016. This is to speed up the growth, and I imagine Hirtshals to become a logistics centre and business area, where there are no boundaries between the port and the business areas. The growth will put pressure on our physical settings and we will of course relate constructively to this. Furthermore, it is interesting and satisfying to see that the ports of Northern Jutland are focusing their growth investments in relation to foreign countries and thereby new activities, which can create growth in Northern Jutland.