The Port of Hirtshals and the Port of Zeebrugge increase the cooperation and CLdN plans to expand its service

Wednesday 1 June, the Port of Hirtshals and the Port of Zeebrugge held a transport conference in Hirtshals to inform about the new transport solutions, new markets and general savings in time and money, which can be made through the new cooperation between the two ports and the shipping company CLdN - especially for the European and Scandinavian industries and transport sector. Furthermore, CLdN used the conference to announce a planned expansion of the service at the Port of Hirtshals

The new service between Hirtshals, Zeebrugge and Gothenburg, which was started by CLdN in February, has provided the shipping and transport companies in both Northern Jutland, Scandinavia and Europe with new opportunities for efficient transport solutions, when cargo has tobe moved between Scandinavia and Western Europe. The Port of Hirtshals is the northern centre, and here CLdN's service is connected to Color Line's and Fjord Line's services to Norway and Smyril Line's services to Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Commercial manager at the Port of Zeebrugge Emmanuel Van Damme presented the port and the opportunities provided by the port in terms of transport corridors. CLdN's new service connects the Port of Hirtshals to services from Zeebrugge to England, Ireland, Spain and Portugal. Into Europe, Zeebrugge is connected to the large metropolises Paris and Milano etc. with both rail and motorway. This way, the ports of Hirtshals and Zeebrugge connect the city areas in Norway and the northern part of Jutland with central destinations in Europe

The Port of Zeebrugge is one of Europe's largest ports with an annual cargo turnover of 38.8m tons, and the port has a large overseas service network. The Port of Zeebrugge has container and ro/ro services to e.g. Asia, North and South America and Africa. The industry in Scandinavia is thereby offered global connections out of Zeebrugge via the Port of Hirtshals. Simultaneously, the Port of Zeebrugge is the largest port globally for import and export of brand new cars, which provides new perspectives for import of new cars to the Scandinavian markets.

CLdN plans to expand the service
Commercial route manager Scandinavia Steven van Loo presented the shipping company and the transport solutions it offers. Steven van Loo also used the conference to launch the news that the shipping company plans to supplement the current northbound call at the Port of Hirtshals with a southbound call. Today, CLdN calls the Port of Hirtshals every Tuesday morning on the service from Zeebrugge to Gothenburg, and Steven van Loo expects that the vessels within a short timeframe will call the Port of Hirtshals Sunday night on the service from Gothenburg to Zeebrugge also.

CLdN will thereby accommodate the market's wishes of being able to offer a north- and southbound service at the Port of Hirtshals. With two weekly calls at the Port of Hirtshals, CLdN will have established a frequency that provides the shipping and transport companies with better use of trailers and containers on the services between Scandinavia and Western Europe. The service Zeebrugge - Hirtshals - Gothenburg has already shown to be viable, and the new southbound call shows that the market has also seen the opportunities of the service

Chairman of the board for the Port of Hirtshals Anker Laden-Andersen concluded at the end of the conference:
- We have seen the significant perspectives of CLdN's service between Zeebrugge, Hirtshals and Gothenburg, and thereby also the development potentials we are to help realise. During the conference, I have talked to shipping agents and people from the industry of Northern Jutland, who see the potentials of the service and some who are already in contact with CLdN about transport. Therefore, we can conclude that CLdN has made the right call - the potential of the service is larger than we expected, when the service was started in February.