Snow bridge established at Hirtshals Transport Center

In December 2015, a 16 meters long and 4 meters high snow bridge was established at Hirtshals Transport Center. The bridge was created to make it safe for truck drivers to remove snow and ice from the truck and trailer top. This way, Hirtshals Transport Center takes part in ensuring a safe transport and a good working environment for the truck drivers.

According to the Danish Road Traffic Act § 82, paragraph 3, it is the truck driver's responsibility to ensure the vehicle is in good and safe condition. Among other things, this means that ice and snow should be removed from the top of the truck and trailer top - if this is not done, the snow and ice can fall down and hit cars driving behind the vehicle. Without a snow bridge it can be difficult for the drivers to remove ice and snow without compromising their own safety.

Center manager Tonni Sørensen says about the new bridge:
- A snow bridge is a platform, from where it is possible to remove ice and snow from a trailer or truck without the risk of slipping or falling down. It is important to focus on safety, and this snow bridge is another step in the right direction. We also have a washing area, where it is possible to wash windows and side view mirrors, and on the opposite side of the road you find Agathon On Spot with an area, where drivers can adjust their side view mirrors, so they are position legally correct. All of this is free and made to increase traffic safety.

On average 350 trucks pass through Hirtshals Transport Center every day, and this provides a good opportunity to make use of the new snow bridge, which can be used by all and not just the users of Hirtshals Transport Center. Tonni Sørensen would like all trucks and trailers to come by and use the bridge since it is already there.