New service between the Port of Hirtshals and Zeebrugge in Belgium

Mid of February, the Luxemburg shipping company CLdN (Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Navigation) will start up a service between the Port of Zeebrugge in Belgium and the Port of Hirtshals in Northern Denmark. By calling the Port of Hirtshals, CLdN will establish a direct connection between Northern Denmark and Zeebrugge in Belgium, and in a parallel cooperation with Fjord Line, Color Line and Smyril Line, the new service will also create a connection between all of Norway, the North Atlantic and Zeebrugge.

CLdN's new service between Hirtshals and Zeebrugge will offer the business community and the transport sector in Northern Denmark new transport opportunities. The service provides possibilities for direct transport between Northern Denmark and Central Europe. Furthermore, CLdN's service will also open up a range of efficient transport corridors be-tween Scandinavia and Central Europe, when it is linked to the services between Hirtshals and five destinations in Nor-way, and destinations in the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

Commercial Route Manager Scandinavia Steven Van Loo at CLdN says about the service to Hirtshals:
- Our reason for including the Port of Hirtshals to our Zeebrugge service is that we see crucial potential in developing the service by connecting Norway and Northern Denmark to Zeebrugge. In this way, we can create new transport solutions, and we especially see a potential in the cooperation with Fjord Line and Color Line concerning transport between Central Europe and all of Norway. Likewise, our cooperation with Smyril Line will create new opportunities to Iceland and the Faroe Islands. And last but not least, Hirtshals will also be linked once a week with Gothenburg, as a next port of call. We would like to develop the frequency of the service, so it matches the demand of the market.

CLdN's new service to Hirtshals will begin with one weekly call, and carry a mix of trailers, containers, self-propelled ma-chinery and cars. CLdN will call the Port of Hirtshals every Tuesday morning. The service between Zeebrugge and Hirt-shals will provide the business community on the Danish mainland and in Norway with efficient and compatible transport solutions. On the other hand, Hirtshals will be added to CLdN's existing services, and thereby become part of a well-run trade network. From Zeebrugge and through CLdN's service network, the Port of Hirtshals will furthermore be connected to London (Purfleet) and Killingholme in England, Dublin in Ireland and Leixoes in Portugal. Additionally, CLdN will offer one sailing per week from the Port of Hirtshals into the Port of Gothenburg.

At the Port of Zeebrugge, CEO Joachim Coens says:
- The new CLdN service is an important addition to the Zeebrugge shortsea offer. First of all, it is a confirmation of Zee-brugge's role as a Scandinaviahub, with now 15 destinations to and from the Scandinavian countries, to Denmark now Hirtshals and Esbjerg. Moreover, the port of Hirtshals now functions as a hub and connects our port with other new destinations like Norway's west coast and Iceland. This new initiative is the result of the close cooperation between CLdN and both port authorities

CLdN is a Luxemburg based company, and deploys a fleet of over 20 ro/ro vessels today - the company has ordered another twelve (12) new builds at the end of 2015. The shipping company operates services from the Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden and Denmark, and several of these services are today run with high frequency. CLdN is a well-established family owned company, with a long tradition in the shipping industry.

For more information, please contact:
Managing director Jens Kirketerp Jensen, phone +45 20 33 24 47
Chairman Anker Laden-Andersen, phone +45 40 63 12 03