Large job for newly established Nordjysk Staal Service at the Port of Hirtshals

The newly started company Nordjysk Staal Service received has been chosen as supplier of a large new plaice sorting system for Fiskernes Fiskesortering (the fishermen's fish sorting) in connection with an expansion of their facilities at Fish Terminal Hirtshals. Nordjysk Staal Service will deliver everything within conveyor belts, roller conveyor, steel basins and slide ways etc. Furthermore, they will assemble and mound the sorting machine, which will be delivered from Iceland. This job is the largest Nordjysk Staal Service has had to date.

Owners Kim Nielsen and Torben Jensen say about the job for Fiskernes Fiskesortering:
- Of course, we are very happy that Fiskernes Fiskesortering has given us this job and trust that we can do this in the best possible way. There is no doubt that this is a handful for just the two of us alone, therefore we have hired an extra man for the upstart of the project until we have an overview of the time frame for a project this size.

- We are very grateful for the support the customers in Hirtshals has shown us since we established the company. We know many of our customers from our previous jobs, and we have only received credits for taking the plunge and become self-employed.

Nordjysk Staal Service was started by Kim Nielsen and Torben Jensen in March, and together they have more than 40 years' experience from the business. That this is a good market became clear rather quickly, as the newly established company has been busy since day one. Nordjysk Staal Service has been fully occupied at the salmon companies in Hirtshals. However, they have also had jobs at Vestkajens Maskinværksted and Hirtshals Yard. Recently, they also received a larger job for the salmon company Seawell in Hirtshals.

Nordjysk Staal Service makes conveyor belts, roller conveyor, tables, pipe work etc. - not only for the fishing industry in Hirtshals, but also for ships, slaughterhouses, dairies and the food industry in general. Furthermore, they also deliver stainless products and materials to restaurants, cafés, kitchens, swimming pools, bakeries, outdoor kitchens etc.