ECS - European Containers puts Hirtshals in focus in Scandinavia

As part of its new Scandinavian strategy, the Belgian based transport concern ECS - European Containers has chosen to focus on Hirtshals as a future logistics centre, and based on this strategic decision ECS has now placed transport equipment in Hirtshals.

From its base in Zeebrugge, ECS has until now focused on the corridor between Great Britain and Southern Europe, but from now on the Scandinavian corridor will receive a similar focus. The Port of Hirtshals will be one of the centres on the Scandinavian corridor, and the cooperation with the shipping companies CLdN, Color Line, Fjord Line and Smyril Line will form the basis for efficient transport solution to the industry in Scandinavia and Western Europe. ECS's decision has been made simultaneously with CLdN's opening of a new service between Rotterdam, and Hirtshals, which will double the weekly traffic to Hirtshals and be a supplement to the existing Zeebrugge service.

As of end October, ECS has placed equipment in Hirtshals in order to offer new transport solutions to the business community of North Jutland in terms of transport between Northern Jutland, Western Europe and Great Britain. Through a cooperation with e.g. CLdN, ECS has created efficient transport solutions between Zeebrugge, Rotterdam and Great Britain, and the concern has an innovative approach for identifying transport solutions.

Since the establishment in 1995, ECS has prioritised the development of efficient transport equipment. ECS uses 45 feet containers for the traffic between Zeebrugge, Rotterdam and Great Britain, and the concern has also started the gradual implementation of 1,000 new 45 feet containers with a loading capacity of 34 EUR-pallets instead of 33 EUR-pallets. This means that the future 45 feet containers will have the same loading capacity as an ordinary trailer. ECS will use the competences for 45 feet containers to also develop the sea transport between the Benelux and Scandinavia.

In 2015, ECS had 220,000 door-to-door operations and a turnover of ? 255m. ECS has operation centres in Zeebrugge, Belgium and Venlo, the Netherlands. The concern has 760 employees and commands more than 6,000 45 feet contain-ers, 1,000 temperature controlled 45 feet containers, and 30,000 m² warehouse facilities in Zeebrugge.

In Hirtshals ECE cooperates with North Atlantic Shipping (contact Jens Skjødt Petersen, phone +45 98 94 22 12) and Global Transport (contact Hardy Jørgensen, phone +45 53 81 50 05).