CLdN increases the frequency to Hirtshals and adds Rotterdam to the network

8 months after the start up at the Port of Hirtshals, CLdN strengthens the service between Zeebrugge and Hirtshals, and simultaneously opens a new service between Rotterdam and Hirtshals. With the expansion of the network, CLdN will now have services in both directions between Gothenburg and Hirtshals, and Hirtshals and the Benelux.

The improvement of the service and the higher frequency between Hirtshals and the Benelux means that CLdN is able to meet the solutions wanted by the transport market. Arrival and departure times in Hirtshals provide good connections to Color Line's and Fjord Line's transports to Norway and Smyril Line's transports to the North Atlantic destinations.

The high frequency at the Port of Hirtshals provides CLdN with an attractive product for the transport business and the business sectors in Scandinavia and western Europe. The connections from Hirtshals to both Zeebrugge and Rotterdam are efficient transport offers for cargo between Norway, Sweden, Northern Jutland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland, and the Benelux, Great Britain, France, Portugal and Spain, as CLdN has services from Zeebrugge and Rotterdam along the Euro-pean west coast.

The new service provides the business community in Northern Jutland with faster og more efficient transport solutions to a long row of destinations in western Europa. Simultaneously, Hirtshals becomes a West Scandinavian centre for ro/ro and container traffic.

From week 44, CLdN runs the following schedule to and from the Port of Hirtshals:

Rotterdam / Hirtshals
Departure Hirtshals     Arrival Rotterdam      Departure Rotterdam      Arrival Hirtshals
Saturday 01h00              Monday 07h00             Thursday 17h00                  Friday 23h00

Zeebrugge / Hirtshals
Departure Hirtshals     Arrival Zeebrugge       Departure Zeebrugge       Arrival Hirtshals
Sunday 23h00                Tuesday 06h00              Friday 22h00                      Sunday 21h00

Gothenburg / Hirtshals
Departure Hirtshals      Arrival Gothenburg    Departure Gothenburg   Arrival Hirtshals
Saturday 01h00               Saturday 08h00            Sunday 16h00                    Sunday 21h00