Another milestone reached at the Port of Hirtshals' new land expansion

Wednesday 2 November, the Port of Hirtshals has reached another important milestone, as the port in coordination with Fjord Line will change the traffic for the land expansion, which was started in May 2015, and start using the new road system. Over the summer, new roads have been constructed on the land expansion, and Fjord Line has established new check-in and customs facilities.

Technical manager Peter Ydesen says about the new road system:
- We have now reached another stage in the construction work, where we have to move traffic from the old roads to the new road system. This requires a great deal of planning and coordination between the port and Fjord Line, as we have many travelers and lorry drivers that may need to be guided in connection with the road changes. We believe that we are prepared for what will happen and will put in extra staff to make it run according to plan.

Wednesday 3 November, all traffic going to Fjord Line will be moved from the narrow and temporary expansion of Suenssonsvej to the new three laned Sigurd Espersensvej, and simultaneously the access road to Fjord Line's ferry termi-nal and to the raw material contractor Kroghs will be moved to the new road system.

The land expansion and the new road system will provide the Port of Hirtshals with additional 190,000 sqm land area for businesses and industries, and Fjord Line will have a similar area for check-in facilities. The new check-in will have a capacity of 2.5 km cars, and in addition to this 200 trailers and 1,800 cars can be stored on the new facility.

After the reorganisation of traffic, the construction work will continue for another couple of months and in the beginning of 2017 the port will establish a new environmental basin, and a new parking area with toilet facilities for guests to the beach east of the port.