Transport Minister Hans Christian Schmidt: more than just a port

A quick visit at the Port of Hirtshals was part Minister for Transport and Buildings Hans Christian Schmidt's program on Thursday 15 October, and during this visit, the Minister got an impression of the potential and development that symbolizes the Port of Hirtshals as a growing logistics center.

Today, Hirtshals is a big business area as well as a growth generator in Hjørring Municipality and Northern Jutland, and with the total investments of the state, municipality, and port adding up to a total of 180m DKK in 2015, the base for further development and growth is present. The investments carried out in 2015 are a direct continuation of the last years' investments, thus continuing the process that is transforming Hirtshals from a port city to a logistics center.

The Port of Hirtshals focuses a significant part of its development resources on making Hirtshals a focal point for cargo transport in Scandinavia. With its unique location, the Port of Hirtshals can be a central element in the collaborations of the transport sector. The Port can also play a leading part in taking even better advantage of the capacities on ships, trucks and rail cargo than what is done today.

During his visit at the Port of Hirtshals, Minister for Transport and Buildings Hans Christian Schmidt noted that he has now visited a port without seeing a quayside, which shows that the perspectives have expanded during the later years. With a combination of port, motorway E39, transport center, and combi terminal, today Hirtshals is more than just a port. It is an intermodal logistics center.

The Port of Hirtshals is going through a process of change, and the goal of the process is stated in the port's Vision 2020, to which Chairman of the Board, Anker Laden-Andersen, adds:
 - In Hirtshals, the port, transport center, and combi ter-minal will be fused together and become one single logistics center which enables the users of cargo transport to optimize transports going through central Scandinavia. That is why we are more than satisfied that the Minister has visited Hirtshals because he now has an impression of all the planning that is coming to life right now. Alongside the development in cargo transport, we are also creating business space in Hirtshals. With a land expansion of 250,000 square meters at the port and an additional 140,000 square meters at Hirtshals Transport Center, we are ready for transport business and industries that wish to take advantage of Hirtshals' unique geography.