Traffic over the Port of Hirtshals exceeded all expectations in 2014

At the Port of Hirtshals 2014 can be characterized as yet another year of increasing traffic, and once again, the port has set new records in all central parts of the transport segment. Traffic over the port, which is among Denmark's seven biggest industrial ports, make up the following:

  • Cargo 1.6 million metric tons
  • Trucks 151,000 units
  • Cars 734,000 units
  • Passengers 2.4 million people

From 2013 to 2014, the Port of Hirtshals can therefore present growth rates between 6.2 % and 9.2 % within the transport segment.

Anker Laden-Andersen, Chairman of the board at the Port of Hirtshals says:
- Obviously it is satisfying for us to determine that the port has improved in all segments in 2014, and we as well as our business partners can use this as a milestone. That does not mean that now we can rest of our laurels and expect the development to continue on its own. He who stands still goes backwards. We have to constantly develop ourselves and make maximum use of our unique location in Scandinavia. We expect the growth to continue in 2015 and it is important for us to establish new routes at the port if we want the growth rates to surpass what we expect from 2015."

In late 2014, the Port of Hirtshals published the goals for the port's future, which are part of its Vision 2020. The port now sets in the necessary resources to realize the vision's goals and the port prioritizes resources that are used on the development and growth that Hirtshals has seen in later years.

This resource effort will strengthen the Port of Hirtshals and its position in the market as a cargo focal point in Scandinavia. This development is supported by the state's financing of the rail cargo terminal at the port. This is expected to be finished by mid-2015.

During 2014, fishery at the port has improved far more than expected, and landing of fish has shown a small increase in both amount and value - areas in which the port had expected a decrease. This shows that the year as a whole has turned out much better than estimated.

In connection with the development of fishery, Anker Laden-Andersen says:
- Over all it is of course very satisfying that such a vital business segment has a positive development and that just proves that we have made the right choice in assigning resources to speed up the development. We cannot do it over night but within the next few years, we want to see a significant positive development in the fishery at the Port of Hirtshals.

Big expectations for 2014
The record-breaking activity indicates that the port will show a record revenue once again. The specific numbers will be made known when the port publishes its 2014 accounts in April.