Large investments at Brdr. Schlie's Fish Export

Being a growing company with a focus on quality is what characterizes Brdr. Schlie's Fish Export in Hirtshals. Now the company has initiated investments worth about 15m DKK - including investments in a 1,000 m² factory expansion and new machinery. The factory will undergo a total renovation, and the new addition to the building is a direct expansion of the existing capacity. There will also be an addition to the office which will then be able to house welfare facilities for the production employees, a finance function on the 1st floor, and conference facilities on the 2nd floor.

Brdr. Schlie's Fish Export's factory currently consists of 4,000 m² and the construction of new additional 1,000 m² is expected to be done by December 31 2015. When the construction is done, the Schlie group's will have 10,000 m² at its disposal as the company's activities also includes 5,000 m² building containing production of some of the group's other businesses. Brdr. Schlie's Fish Export expects to increase revenue by 20 % in 2016, and the company is planning to hire 15-20 new employees for their production during 2016.

In connection with the expansion, Director at Brdr. Schlie's Fish Export, Kaj Johan Schlie, says
- We are currently experiencing a lack of space and given our expected future growth, it is necessary to expand the factory. In addition to that, we are also going to need welfare facilities for our production employees, especially changing room for our female employees. Previously, we did not have many female employees but times are changing, and we now have the need for a changing room for women. This also means that we can show consideration for our employees of another ethnicity than Danish.

Brdr. Schlie's Fish Export has been growing for the last 23 years but the biggest change happened in 2004 when the company went from being a trading company to being a production company. This has proven to be fruitful with the company's revenue increasing significantly and the company now having 120 employees.

Director Kaj Johan Schlie adds:
- At Brdr. Schlie's Fish Export, we have chosen to focus on quality instead of price. No matter what we do, it is impossible for us to match prices from e.g. Poland, so for us it is very important that the quality is right. We spend a lot of resources on quality control, and we have some very talented employees - both in our production and our administration.

Since 2013, Brdr. Schlie's Fish Export has collaborated with Norwegian Lerøy A/S, and together they have started the company Lerøy Schlie in Hirtshals. This business is also experiencing growth and Lerøy Schlie is expected to hire 50-60 workers in 2016-2017.