Nor Lines increases service to the Port of Hirtshals

The Norwegian shipping company Nor Lines has increased its service to and from the Port of Hirtshals and now calls the port two times a week instead of just one. Normally, Nor Lines calls the port every Monday with the vessels M/V Cometa and M/V Tanager. However, because of increase cargo volumes from Hirtshals, Nor Lines now calls the port every Monday and Thursday.

It is the old Thursday-service, which has been revived in Hirtshals. The service is managed by the three vessels M/V Green Ice, M/V Nord Jarl and M/V Nord Kinn that run a three-shift system between Holland, Germany, Norway and now Denmark. All vessels are side port vessels with a length of ca. 85 meters, full freezing capacity and cranes for handling of different cargo types.

Poul Thomsen, shipping agent at North Atlantic Shipping and agent for Nor Lines in Hirtshals, says:
- Besides cargo to and from Hirtshals, Nor Lines also uses the port for changing crew, provisioning, bunkering and various repair jobs on the vessels. At the end of the year, Nor Lines' new gas-powered vessels are expected to be put into service. The vessels named "Kvitbjørn" and " Kvitnos" are under construction in China. However, we do not know where the two new LNG-vessels will be put into service yet.

Nor Lines is one of the largest operators of cargo transport along Europe's northernmost coastlines, and the shipping companies has operated in Hirtshals for nearly 30 years. The Port of Hirtshals' unique geographical location close to Norway and Western Europe provides great conditions for cooperation between the port and the shipping company, and the handling of transports to and from the countries in both North Atlantic Ocean and Europe.