New customs consulting company at Hirtshals Transport Centre

Ecus & Niels Bonde Spedition ApS is a newly started customs consulting company established at Hirtshals Transport Centre at the beginning of 2014. At the beginning, the company consisted of only owner Niels Bonde, but since then Niels Bonde Spedition ApS has established a cooperation with the Swedish forwarding agent Ecus. The development of the company has furthermore contributed to the employment of a forwarding agent and a trainee.

Niels Bonde says about the development:
- The first year has surpassed all expectations. This is partly due to the great location in Hirtshals, which is one of the busiest boarders in Denmark, thanks to the port and the ferries. However, it is still challenging to build a new company, as I have to convince people to become my customers. I use my network to get customers, and service and quality are my primary focus. Furthermore, I teach trainees at a business school in Aarhus, and this helps me get my name out there.

Whether Ecus & Niels Bonde Spedition ApS will be employing more people within the near future is undecided, but with a new rail freight terminal on the way to Hirtshals, it is very likely that more work will find its way to Ecus & Niels Bonde Spedition ApS. The amount of cargo going through the Port of Hirtshals is continuously increasing. From 2001-2013, the cargo volume increased by 65 % and it is expected to increase further in 2014.

Ecus & Niels Bonde Spedition ApS performs mainly customs declarations concerning traffic to and from Norway primarily, but the company can provide everything involving customs.