First 6 months of 2014 shows progress as expected at the Port of Hirtshals

Growth and development of the activities is part of the agenda at the Port of Hirtshals, which has an strong focus on the realization of the port's developmental potentials these years. Simultaneously, the port has an objective to maintain a healthy economy with the necessary economic latitude.

At the end of June 2014, the Port of Hirtshals reports a turnover prosperity of approximately 15% in comparison to last year. The financial result and the cash holdings are also developing as expected.

Chairman of the board for the Port of Hirtshals, Anker Laden-Andersen says:
-  We can only be satisfied with the development of the first part of 2014, as it follows our expectation. We are experiencing growth in several of our main segments. The development of the first 6 months gives us reason to maintain our expectations for the rest of the year, although we have a constant focus on achieving the expected development in our most important business segments throughout the second half of 2014.

- For the same reason, we will not relax the tight control of the port's finances. The result of the first 6 months substantiates our thoughts concerning the development of the port and the realization of the opportunities, which can be found here. Our goal for the port is gathered in Vision 2020, which we expect to be adopted in August. 

In 2014, the Port of Hirtshals is working on plans for a range of larger development projects, and the port is looking forward to 2015, where investments in a rail freight terminal, an approach road to the eastern port and an expected first phase of the land expansion will carried out.

Anker Laden-Andersen elaborates:
- In order to maintain the development of 2014, we will put in extra resources in the second half of 2014 in order to realize the growth goals, which has been listed for the port. This will be done by hiring a development manager, who is to focus on attracting processing companies for the white fish segment, and simultaneously strengthen our activities within the maritime service sector. In recent years, the Port of Hirtshals has experienced a constant positive development, and we are aware of the necessity to maintain this development in order to keep expanding the market positions, which the port's unique geographical location allows.