Crane at the Port of Hirtshals provides new opportunities

The stevedore company Hirtshals Stevedore has invested in a new crane for handling of bulk cargo such as e.g. wood pellets, logs, fodder, stone and gravel, and wood chips. The new crane is mounted with a 21 meters crane arm, which can handle 12 tons by ship's side and 6 tons when extended to 21 meters. The crane is mounted with rubber tyres and is therefore easy to manoeuvre around the port.

Hirtshals Stevedore has invested in the new crane in order to offer both existing and potential customers new loading and unloading jobs. The first customer has already made use of the crane - today the crane was used to unload bulk cargo from England to a local company in the area. The crane is expected to have a positive effect for e.g. the shipping agents at the port, who will be able to offer their customers new solutions.

Owner of Hirtshals Stevedore Uffe B. S. Nielsen says:
- Our new crane is a material-handling machine by Sennebogen 850 Special B20, which can unload 450 m³ per hour - this corresponds to the grab going in the cargo hold approximately three times per minute. The crane will make it more profitable for both our customers and us. Previously, we handled many small vessels that unloaded themselves,  with the new crane we are able to handle more and larger vessels, which do not have their own unloading equipment onboard.

Hirtshals Stevedore was established in 2008, and the company has since experienced a steady growth. Simultaneously, the traffic over the Port of Hirtshals has increased significantly and the activities at Hirtshals Stevedore have followed this growth. Hirtshals Stevedore is not tied to any specific company, and can therefore service all the port's companies and users.