The Port of Hirtshals with a new design for all platforms

Earlier this year, the Port of Hirtshals launched a new website, which has now been re-launched in what is called a responsive design. Today many people use their mobile phones or tablets to go online, and the new design means that the website automatically adapts to the platform from which the user visits the site. Regardless of the user's platform being a mobile screen, a larger tablet screen or an ordinary computer screen, the website will adapt to the screen size.

Marketing coordinator at the Port of Hirtshals Ditte Gerstroem Soerensen says:
- We are always trying to focus and adapt our communication to our different target groups, and since we know that many people today enter the internet through mobile phones and tablets, we have decided to re-launch our website in a format that provides the users with an optimal reading experience and user-friendly navigation. The mobile version is built like an app and is easy to manoeuvre - whether you want to have a look at the weather, learn more about the port or have a look at ships in port.

The Port of Hirtshals is among the largest commercial ports in Denmark and has a wide and diverse client base that spans from fishery and transport to offshore and maritime service. The new design of the website is adjusted to the port's various users and will work smoothly whether you are situated by a computer screen in an office, looking at a mobile screen on board a ship or using your Ipad during a meeting.