Port of Hirtshals becoming visible at the worlds largest transport exhibition

4-7 June 2013, Port of Hirtshals participated at the world's largest transport exhibition, Transport Logistic in Munich, for the fifth time. Transport Logistic contains all segments within cargo transport and is therefore a good place to create contact to new customers and get an insight into cargo transport on both a European and global scale.

Marketing coordinator at Port of Hirtshals Ditte G. Soerensen says:
- This is our fifth time at Transport Logistic and during the last three times we have experienced a significant development in terms of our visibility at the exhibition and the transport area in general. Earlier we had to seek out shipping companies and other interesting customer groups at the exhibition, but now we experience that they come to our stand and address us themselves. Participating at Transport Logistic is our largest ventures in terms of marketing. Both planning and participation takes many resources, but we have no doubt that it will be of benefit in the end.

Additionally, the Port of Hirtshals use the exhibition to strengthen existing contacts and market the Jutland corridor and the port's position as turntable for traffic to and from Norway. With the number of visitors of 53,000 people and 2,013 exhibitors from 63 different countries, the exhibition provides great opportunities to get the message out and create contact to new parts of the international transport sector.

-  We are bringing lots of new ideas and impressions home with us, which we will start to work on as part of our goal to develop Port of Hirtshals' market position and contribute to the growth in Northern Jutland. Besides meeting new potential customers, the exhibition also provides an opportunity to keep up with the development within the transport markets and to be inspired by new business opportunities and concepts. 

Again, this year Port of Hirtshals challenged its guest with a competition. This time the challenge was a timed trailer race, in which the guests had to drive a small model lorry and load it with paper pallets using a small model forklift and get to the ferry in time. The winners of the competition was:
1. Håkon Leidland, Norway
2. Sven Møller, Germany
3. Ole Strandlyst, Denmark
4. Rune Hetland, Norway
5. Marcus Schumann, Germany