Needed upgrade for the commercial dinghies in Hirtshals

During the first week of December, the Port of Hirtshals has laid out a concrete pontoon bridge in Jollehavnen, which is the area for commercial dinghies. The new bridge replaces a worn out bridge from 1974, which is no longer useable with regard to safety.

Port officer Tommy Christiansen, which is responsible for Jollehavnen, says:
- The new bridge enables us to offer better and safer conditions for the commercial fishermen in Hirtshals. We have arrived at the new solution with the pontoon bridge in a close dialogue with Hirtshals Fishermen's Association. I believe everybody fells that we have found the right solution - both those with a HG number and the increasing number of foreign fishermen, which use Hirtshals as their base.

The new pontoon bridge has been projected and delivered by MarineDesign in Hirtshals as a finished module concept and has 13 berths. The bridge is 3 meters wide and 30 meters long, and the deck is 0.8 meters above the water level in order to adjust to the boats located here.

Technical manager Peter Ydesen says:
- We have chosen a concrete pontoon bridge from Marine Design in Hirtshals, because we believe that this will provide us with a strong and solid technical solution, which matches our demands both in the short and iong run and in terms of investment and operation. One thing for sure, it will be living in a rough environment in terms of wind and weather.

Our reason for choosing a pontoon bridge is that it provides the best conditions for the small vessels, as they are not dependent on the water level variation. Furthermore, the pontoon bridge offers a long-term maximum flexibility if Jolle-havnen in the future is to be changed.