Fjord Line opens a new service between Langesund in Norway and Hirtshals

Fjord Line has put into service its new ship MS Stavangerfjord, and has simultaneously opened a service between Hirtshals and Langesund. The new service opens a direct connection between the European continent and Norway's largest industrial area, Grenland. The direct connection with departure times adjusted to the wishes of e.g. the Norwegian fishing industry means that logistics in Scandinavia can be planned with a completely new flexibility.

The service network between Norway and Hirtshals means that the transport business can plan cargo distribution in Norway more efficiently and deliver fish from Norway to the consumers in central Europe with a new flexibility and shorter transport time to the benefit of both companies and consumers.

MS Stavangerfjord is the first of two new ships, which Fjord Line it to put into service between Hirtshals and Norway. The new cruise ferries will shorten the travel time between Hirtshals and the Norwegian vest coast. The start-up of the new ferries and the service to Langesund means that Fjord Line's capacity between Norway and Hirtshals will increase fivefold.

Sunday 14 July at 21h00, the new ferry MS Stavangerfjord took off on its maiden voyage between Hirtshals and Norway. The event was celebrated with music and speeches, and many people had appeared to send the ferry off in style.

Mayor of Hjoerring Municipality Arne Boelt said about the new ferry:
- Fjord Line's new ferry is another element in the bridge between Hirtshals and Norway - and a very beautiful element. In Northern Jutland, we should be alert and offer our brothers and sisters from Norway culture experiences, nature experiences and shopping opportunities - it is a very short sailing time.

- Now that we have a service to Langesund, the Port of Hirtshals' position as a turntable for cargo transport in Northern Europe has come a step closer. The future will be exciting to follow and we will have many tasks to solve in order to keep up. 

Fjord Line's new cruise ferries are a milestone in the fight against the emission of harmful greenhouse gasses, as the ferries run solely on LNG (liquid natural gasses). LNG contains no sulphur and heavy metals, and has a reduced CO2-emission of 20-30% and a reduced NOx-emission of 90% compared to heavy fuel.

Fjord Line has invested over two billion kroner in MS Stavangerfjord and the sister ship MS Bergensfjord, which will be put into service around the turn of the year 2013/2014. The new cruise ferries are 170 meters long and 27.5 meters wide, and have a capacity of 1,500 passengers and 3km cars or 1.4km lorries and trailers.