The Port of Hirtshals continued its growth in 2017, setting a yet another record

For the 8th year in a row, the Port of Hirtshals set a record in turnover with a total turnover of 77.5m DKK. In addition to this new record, the port reached an overall result of 11.2m DKK.

The growth in the port's turnover is in large part thanks to the 6 percent increase in cargo transport compared to 2016 numbers. Cargo transport in 2017 totaled at 1.9m tons, and most of the cargo transport is made up by truck traffic on Color Line's, Fjord Line's, and Smyril Line's ferries as well as CLdN's and Smyril Line's commercial liners. With a total amount of 142,000 units, the port has experienced an overall increase in traffic of 1.9 % compared to 2016.

Chairman of the board of the Port of Hirtshals, Anker Laden-Andersen has the following comments on the port's financial report:
- Yet again, the port has had a record turnover, and to me, that proves that we are on the right track with our development efforts. 2018 will continue to realize the initiatives we launched in 2017, and overall, I characterize the financial report as good, looking at the year as a whole. That is why we will continue to realize the results of the developmental pressure we have put on a number of business areas.

Within the area of cargo transport, the Port of Hirtshals is an intermodal logistics center which, in the coming years, will position itself as a place of business for logistics and production companies wanting to use the opportunities of multimodal transport solutions that Hirtshals has to offer with its location in the heart of Scandinavia.

Passenger traffic through the port has reached the expected level, and this is mainly because the port set expectations in that area relatively low because of the low rate for the Norwegian krone.

Fishery continues to be a big part of Hirtshals' DNA, and as one of Denmark's biggest fishery ports, it remains at the center of the port's positioning. Especially the supply of fish and shellfish going through, among others, Fiskeauktion Nord is interesting because it has resulted in the port's turnover, with a landing value of 324.7m DKK, being very close to 2016's number of 326.6m DKK.

Laden-Andersen adds:
- As one of the more unusual initiatives started in 2017, I would like to mention the development of the area around Havnegade which will benefit citizens and tourists alike. With our plans, Havnegade and Vesthavnen will be definitely be worth a visit. In addition to this development, modernization will help attract new, knowledge-based companies. It is our goal that accumulating knowledge and competences in Hirtshals will have a positive effect on the business clusters in Hirtshals in the years to come.