Upgraded lighting in Fish Terminal Hirtshals

At the Port of Hirtshals, you can find Fish Terminal Hirtshals which has some of northern Europe's best facilities for the sale of fresh fish. With its 6,500 m², the terminal holds the daily fish auction and sorting of fish which is either landed directly at the port or transported to the terminal via ferry or truck.


To keep Fish Terminal Hirtshals continuously up-to-date, the Port of Hirtshals has just completed the task of replacing all the traditional fluorescent lights with LED sockets. This reduces the port's environmental impact as well as its opera-tional costs.

On the new LED lighting Karsten Pedersen, auction master, says:
-Of course it is very pleasing that the Port of Hirtshals focuses on environmental improvements - we strongly support that effort. It has been very important for us that our requirements for the quality of the lighting in the auction room were met, as that is vital for the quality assessment of the fish that goes out to the consumers.  The buyers at the daily fish auctions must always be able to see how the fish really looks. At the fish auction in Hirtshals, we focus on quality and therefore the fish must be seen as it looks. The port authorities respected our demands so we are very happy with the result.

In its Vision 2020, the Port of Hirtshals presented an environment and climate focus which means that attention to this is an important part of the port's operations and planning to the extent that there is a balance between investments and outcome. This means that there must be a financial perspective when making environmental investments.

Technical Manager at the Port of Hirtshals, Peter Ydesen, says about the improvements in lightning:
-We are constantly working on optimizing the port's operations as well as looking at the possibilities of exploiting new technical solutions to get better results. By replacing the old light fixtures with LED sockets, we will experience a significant reduction in our electrical bill. In addition to the cost saving, we also reduce the environmental impact and that is a noteworthy side benefit. The investment we have made will make a profit within a few years so we are very pleased with the solution we have chosen.