Traffic at the rail cargo terminal put to concession tender

In close cooperation with Nordjyske Jernbaner and the Port of Hirtshals, Hjoerring Municipality can now put out to concession tender the traffic at the rail cargo terminal as well as the operation of the terminal ifself.

During later years, the development of Hirtshals as a logistics center with a central location in Scandinavia has been strengthened and as of mid-2015 when the new rail cargo terminal is done, Hirtshals will serve as an intermodal turntable.

The rail cargo terminal will be located between the Port of Hirtshals and Hirtshals Transport Center with a direct access to motorway 39. The construction work has already begun and is expected done by mid-2015. The rail cargo terminal consists of a track of 675 meters running parallel to the existing railway between Hjoerring and Hirtshals as well as 24,000 m² reloading space.

The transport sector expects that the rail cargo terminal in Hirtshals will increase transport operators' possibilities of offering new solutions to the rail cargo sector in Scandinavia. This will optimize cargo transport, as it will be possible to combine road, sea and rail transport in the most favorable way.
In connection with the creation of the rail cargo terminal, it will be necessary to establish a collaboration with an operator of the terminal who will run the rail cargo traffic in Hirtshals as well as be in charge of operating the terminal itself.

Regarding the tender, Technical Director at Hjoerring Municipality, Andreas Duus, says:
-At Hjoerring Municipality, we and our partners are obviously interested in finding the right operator for the rail cargo traffic. This will help ensure the right and most sustainable solution that will be beneficial to both business development and cargo transport in Scandinavia. In working with the concession tender, we have had a specific focus on creating a solution that supports that development in every way as well as getting a financially viable solution.

The deadline for applications is January 26, 2015 at 16:00 and the tender material can be downloaded via this link for the website of Hjoerring Municipality.